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Why snom IP Handsets?

Why snom IP Handsets?

snom: quality engineered in Germany

snom have been among the pioneers of IP telephony since its foundation in 1996 and are proud that they have constantly developed new functional and superb quality solutions since then. Snom places great importance on secure, functional and durable products, on quality you can rely on.

Quality in development

snom's development team in North Berlin, Germany, constantly develops products with an international team of developers.

One particularly important feature of their telephones is the high acoustic quality which they elaborately measure and test in their own audio laboratory using a digital binaural headset measuring system to replicate the human auditory experience. In addition snom use extremely stable plastic shells for our phones to improve the acoustic playback. snom also set strict standards when testing the products, for example by subjecting them to extensive drop tests and electrical interface tests before series production.

Quality in production

snom developers also monitor the production of devices on site and ensure that they meet the company's own quality standards. As a result, each handset is checked for full operation as well as its complete frequency response measured. One of the small but important differences is also the specially applied coating to our keys which protects the print and ensures they last a long time even when used daily.

Quality after purchase

snom work is not finished after production: snom process and analyse any possible repairs in Berlin in close collaboration with development and production. As a result snom can also integrate any minor modifications into production quickly. The constant and systematic analysis of complaints within the company allows snom to continuously improve the product quality quickly and effectively so that snom can develop devices that meet the customer requirements reliably for the long-term.

snom are so convinced about the quality of their phones that as of July 2013 snom are promising a warranty of 24 months on all products in accordance with the valid warranty terms and conditions, if a phone should ever be defective.