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How Do I Request an RMA from Digital Techniques

How Do I Request an RMA from Digital Techniques

Q: My Digital Techniques supplied product is not operating properly. I suspect that it has a technical defect. How do I request an RMA from Digital Techniques?

A: To request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) from Digital Techniques for a suspected-defective product, create a Digital Techniques Tech Support case from dtasia.net or by contacting Digital Techniques Technical Support. Digital Techniques Tech Support will review the request. If approved, Digital Techniques will replace the defective product(s) in accordance with the Digital Techniques Return Policy and Digital Techniques Warranty Policy.

For each suspected-defective product, your request must include the Product serial number, a description of the technical failure (declaration of failure), and a demonstration of the technical failure.

Digital Techniques Tech Support will review the request, and will reply to inform you if the request is approved or if more information is needed.

Declaration of failure & demonstration of failure

Declaration of failure

Declaration of failure: a problem report; a description of the technical failure of the equipment, including the symptoms first observed by the end user.

Poor examples:

  • fails
  • dead
  • does not pass calls

Much better examples:

  • E1/T1 port 1 consistently fails pattern loopback test.
  • Analog FXS port 2 will not go offhook.
  • Server will not boot; server console displays, "... [a specific error message]".

The declaration of failure should provide sufficient detail -- including configuration and troubleshooting steps, if applicable -- to facilitate reproduction of the original issue. (After the suspected-defective equipment is received at Digital Techniques, Digital Techniques Failure Analysis Technicians will attempt to reproduce the symptoms as stated.)

Demonstration of failure

Demonstration of failure: diagnostic information to substantiate the failure. This includes debugging sessions (or logs with timestamps) that contain one or more occurrences of the symptom.

Whenever possible, the demonstration of failure should be repeated interactively on the original system by a Digital Techniques Technical Support team member.


Digium Switchvox appliances:

  • specific sections of Switchvox advanced error log

Digium VoIP Gateway appliances:

  • Advanced Debugging Session

Digium telephony cards with Asterisk:

  • patlooptest results
  • dmesg output (especially with DAHDI device driver debug messages enabled)
  • specific excerpts from Asterisk CLI output or Asterisk full log

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